Child Support Statute Of Limitations Texas

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Source: U.S. Maritime Administration. The period during which someone can be held liable for an action or a debt; statutes of limitations for collecting child support vary from state to state. Source: …

Statute Of Limitations on Child Support | Learn About LawThere’s no statute of limitations on child support, and Rosemary Douglas says she’s still … and offers a reading of Texas law likely to be of interest to the alleged dad in the case.

Child support cases in Texas that have gone into arrears, or back payment status, have no statute of limitations under the law. This means that if a non-custodial parent owes back child support, the payments can be enforced by law until the total owed money is paid, even if the child is older than 18.

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Previously Viewed. clear. Child Support statute Of Limitations in texas? unanswered questions. Statute of limitations are typically applied to crimes, debts and the ability to bring a law suit. Adultery is not a crime, in Texas, though it is considered morally reprehensible.

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The statute of limitations for child support arrears in some states ranges from 10 to 20 years. However, the majority of states have no statute of In many other states, including California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Texas, there's no statute of limitations for collecting arrears.

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