Dui First Court Appearance

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What will happen at my first DUI court appearance arraignmentThe first court appearance for your DUI is the arraignmen t. Formally, an arraignment is where the Your lawyer will typically ask the court to waive the reading of the complaint against you and enter your plea of not guilty. If you are present, the court will also advise you of your constitutional rights.

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She found it — with the help of some people she first hated and now is grateful to — in the Bismarck-Mandan Drug/DUI Court.


What to Expect During Your DUI Court Appearance (And How to Avoid a Maximum Sentence) When you appear for Court the first time, that is called your initial appearance or Arraignment. You will likely be in a courtroom full of other people who have been arrested as well and are doing the same thing you are.

She found it — with the help of some people she first hated and now is grateful to — in the Bismarck-Mandan Drug/DUI Court …

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The first DUI court appearance is usually the arraignment, where the charging document is read and a plea of "not guilty" is entered into the official record. The first appearance is also the time when a judge may impose "conditions on release" by which the court orders you to do certain things and to…

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